Frequently asked questions

This site will receive consecutive updates as we are closing in on the fair

Here you will find the answers to most of the questions you may have regarding your company’s participation at KarriereDagene NTNU 2023. If you have any other questions you can always reach us by e-mail. Approximately two weeks before the event your contact person in the KarriereDagene team will reach out to you. Your contact person will ensure that the information we received from the logistics form is correct and will assist you before, during and after the event.

You can always reach out to us on [email protected]

This year’s career fair will take place physically in an exhibition hall on campus Gløshaugen. Company representatives will be able to interact with students from a unique stand in the exhibition hall.
Contact us directly at [email protected] for information on prices and offers for your company.
The exhibition hall is located in the middle of campus Gløshaugen, on the large lawn between Hovedbygningen, Gamle Elektro, Gamle Kjemi and Kjelhuset. This is a central area where students pass by multiple times each day. The address to Kjelhuset (Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1E) is a good reference point to give your taxi driver or plot into the GPS. If you arrive with the airport shuttle you should get off at Studentersamfundet. This is within walking distance of Gløshaugen, but if you have a lot to carry you can either order a taxi or take bus 5 in direction Dragvoll/Lohove from the bus stop on the northern side of Studentersamfundet and get off at Gløshaugen syd.
The stand slots are 4x3 metres and up to four representatives from each company may attend. There is plenty of space for roll-ups, a stand wall and most other promotional material you wish to use to create a visual impression.

We can provide one stand table, two bar stools, to chairs, a small table and two glass bowls per company. You have registered what you need through the logistics form. As previously mentioned we will double check that we have the right information prior to the event, and it will be possible to make changes at that point.
We can arrange a TV for your stand if you wish. This is done through an external provider and an extra charge applies. Your contact person will have more information about this.
For a company, a successful career fair attendance is about getting in touch with relevant students and making a good impression on these. Here are our top six tips to attract attention and applicants:

1. Be open, available and attentive. It is a lot more tempting for the students to engage with company representatives who appear eager and smiling.

2. Know your own recruitment strategies in and out. Nobody knows your company better than you, and we have no doubt that you will be able to provide insight into the opportunities and values you offer. However, many students will also have questions regarding the details of the recruitment process. It is an advantage if the company representatives can answer these without referring to your website.

3. Have breadth in seniority and roles amongst the company representatives. This provides different perspectives and gives you the opportunity to show different possibilities within your company.

4. Hand out flyers, office supplies or other small gadgets. Students love freebies!

5. Arrange fun activities on your stand. Competitions, challenges, showcasing new technology, etc.
All stand slots have access to four standard type F power sockets. There is Wi-Fi in the exhibition hall and the password is provided by your contact person.
Whether you wish to send your stand to us or bring it with you yourself is recorded in the logistics form and changes can naturally be made through your contact person.

The address is: Bindeleddet NTNU Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1E NO - 7034 Trondheim

There are also plenty of members of the KarriereDagene team who will be in the exhibition hall and assist you in rigging up and down your stand.

We do not typically offer to return stands for companies. If you need assistance or have questions about returning a stand, please contact your contact person in the KarriereDagene team.
You will receive an invoice in October after the event. You have filled in you billing info in the logistics form and this will be double checked by your contact person.
The advertising of KarriereDagene starts in the middle of August and peaks the week prior to the event. We have multiple stands around campus, have short presentations in various lectures, distribute posters and flyers, and use our website and social media. Every participating company will have its logo on posters, roll-ups and in a dedicated module on our website. By clicking your logo the students will be able to read a short text about your company, which you provide to us through the logistics form.