Frequently asked questions

This site will receive consecutive updates as we are closing in on the fair

Here you will find the answers to most of the questions you may have regarding your company’s participation at KarriereDagene NTNU 2021. If you have any other questions you can always reach us by e-mail. Approximately two weeks before the event your contact person in the KarriereDagene team will reach out to you. Your contact person will ensure that the information we received from the logistics form is correct and will assist you before, during and after the event.

Mail: [email protected]

This year's career fair will be a hybrid solution between physical and digital interaction. We have chosen to call the solution "hybrid stands". "Hybrid stands" are physical stands, but which will not be staffed by company representatives. The hybrid stands will be equipped with computers and monitors that will be connected to a digital platform. The students who visit the stands will be able to pick up their merch and at the same time have a chat with a company representative through a live video meeting. Using a digital platform in addition will also provide students the opportunity to send you messages, without having to physically visit the stands.
The hybrid stands (see above) will be located in different locations on NTNU Gløshaugen. We will prepare a map that can be used to see the location of each company.
The idea is that we provide tables, screens, a PC and a digital platform to ensure communication through a live video conference becomes possible. At the same time, we hope you can send us your stand, as well as possible merch and flyers that students can pick up at your stand. As mentioned, the communication on the stand will take place via a live video meeting. You will be able to see the students walking by and start a conversation when they are at your stand. You can also hold competitions at the stands to attract students. There are many opportunities here! There will guards in the areas with the hybrid stands making sure everything goes as planed.
We are working on deciding which platform we will use. Information about this is coming soon!
If you want to have a TV on your stand, this can be ordered through us. If you want to use this offer, the wish must be registered in the logistics form. We will set up the screen for you at the stand. Note that we use an external supplier for this, and will therfore result in an extra cost.
We are helpful in all phases. You have already in the logistic form answerd how you want to solve the this logistic. Changes can of course be made when your contact person contacts you, or by sending us an email

Address the stand to: Bindeleddet NTNU Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1E NO - 7034 Trondheim

We help you rig up and down the stand. Members of the Career Days team will set up and take down the stand for you on the stand location. We also offer to send the stand back to you. Since we want Bring (the postal services) to be able to invoice you directly for this shipment, we ask for your client number at Bring though the logistics form. It is also important that we have the correct address for the place where the stand will be sent. Your contact person will double double check this with you before the event.
You will receive an invoice after the event, during October. You have filled in your billing information in the logistics form, and this will be double checked by your contact person.
The advertising of KarriereDagene starts in the middle of August and peaks the week prior to the event. We have multiple stands around campus, have short presentations in various lectures, distribute posters and flyers, and use our website and social media. Every participating company will have its logo on posters, roll-ups and in a dedicated module on our website. By clicking your logo the students will be able to read a short text about your company, which you provide to us through the logistics form.